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Become a Driving Instructor with Mi Driving Lessons and you will have a great career. You will get a company car and be employed direct. Choose part time or full time hours and rates of pay from £10 to 25 per hour with no costs ! 

Normally this training can cost thousands however we need Trainee Driving Instructors fast. As a result we are offering training at no cost to you ! 

  • Employed Position

  • High rates of pay

  • Company car included

  • FREE training costs

  • Holiday pay &  sick pay

This opportunity is only open to the first 10 applicants. Please not to proceed you must be 21 yrs old or over and have held a full driving licence (car) for the last 4 years. You must not have a criminal record and have no m ore than 6 points on your licence.


“Dream it. Believe it. Build it. ”


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No one ever forgets their Driving Instructor

Mi Driving Lessons is based in Bath and has was founded by Ian Perry who is a Top Grade Driving Instructor Trainer. The Driving school will be paying all the fees's for the correct candidate.

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Teaching others

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Since 2008 Mi Driving Lessons have conducted over 5,000 young driver courses . As part of our team you will be taught how to teach young people to drive in a controlled safe environment. Seeing them achieve their goals is the satisfying part of this career.

Our fast track driving system is designed to get students passed their Driving Test Fast. Some people need to get their licence fast due to job or family commitments. Your role will be to teach them them the skills needed to pass fast and be a great safe driver. Don't worry we will train you to be the best.

Once you have qualified you will need to work as a Driving Instructor for a one year period. After this time you will be invited to become a Instructor trainer. This will give you the potential to increase your income as well as give you even more of a challenge. Only if you want to, of course.


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Join our Trainee Driving Instructor training program and you will be representing a very proud local driving school. We not only take pride in our training but offer unbeatable affordability and teaching standards.


About Me

Ian Perry ADI, GRADE A

I have been working as a Driving Instructor Trainer  and Coaching Professional since 2008. I specialise in helping people qualify as approved Driving Instructors as well as helping normal learners pass their driving test. I am known as a guru through out the industry and have conducted road safety courses within the education system. My believes are simple. Every individual can achieve anything they set their mind too with the correct help and tuition


07895 858820

Mi Driving Lessons also trades as Fast2Pass & Train 2 Instruct